Why is my Rustoleum paint wrinkling? – On The Street Spray Paint Art Las Vegas

I am going out to a restaurant. How can this Rustoleum paint be so thin? Please help? I have tried using a thicker Rustoleum paint, but it is still not thick enough (not that I can see, this is the picture below of another layer of Rustoleum). It is thin enough to make little scratches on the top of my paint and I am going to the point where it is almost completely yellowed!! So I have searched the site many times looking for a solution to this, but have not found a solution that worked. Can you help me? I am seriously considering returning the paint and I am worried of having to get a paint stripper to remove the yellow, not having the yellow in question would make it even worse!! Thanks in advance. I am very disappointed. Can you help??

I live in Colorado and can’t get good Rustoleum paint in my house because the paint is too thick. My painting is on the last coat and the first coat is already on.

I am wondering why they won’t send you a refund if something doesn’t work right? I am concerned that some rustoleum paint is getting on the paint, and I don’t know why some of the rustoleum paint on my painting is so thick…

I don’t know, it may have been bad news for you, because you were in fact the only one from my party that had the wrong size paint. This doesn’t mean that all other customers aren’t getting the right kind of paint, and maybe they’ll all try again before something else goes wrong.

I did have to do a second job on my garage door because I accidentally sprayed over two sections of the door at once. There will be a coating around the door and the door frame, but I think the rustoleum will be much thicker than the door. For the life of me I don’t understand why people need to have two separate treatments. That is a really weird thing to do. In terms of price, I thought the $5.00 paint was good but it is still not thick enough. It’s going to be really good, but only if you are going to have some really tiny scratches that you can fix yourself. I have seen good work done and have a lot of patience, but I don’t think you can make a decent house look as good as you think. If you don’t think it’s worth trying, maybe don’t go through with it.

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