Why is my Rustoleum paint wrinkling?

Some rustoleum items may have become damaged in transit from the shipping point to your home. We strongly recommend that you open each item and inspect the condition of the paint at each delivery location. If paint is damaged or shows signs of having sat in a humid environment for a prolonged period, we recommend that you contact your local Rustoleum store to have your item professionally inspected to make sure your paint is in safe working order.

I need help getting my Rustoleum crate back onto its wheels.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call the store closest to your original delivery address to speak to the manager.

Do you have any other Rustoleum crates and pallets?

If not the Rustleum pallet and/or crate with Rustoleum wheels is for you! Contact your local Rustleum store for more information!

For some of those of you who haven’t seen the original TV episode, watch it below:

After a particularly violent episode where a boy, John “Hap” Johnstone, is killed, the rest of the family find themselves in different directions as they’re dragged into a war-torn and divided New York.

This is the story so far from what I’m seeing in the trailer:

We were introduced to the rest of the cast, with all the familiar names, and in the meantime we’ve seen the return of two of our favorite old character, Jack and his brother, Dave. A third is set to be introduced soon as Jack was spotted wandering around town this week:

While that first scene is very cool, I can’t say what the next scene is. I know the synopsis says “The newbies are back with a fresh new crew and new goals,” but in the trailer that doesn’t appear to be the case. Is there a new crew? Will they fight with and against each other?

We do know some elements of the future for the series, though. The first trailer mentioned some new areas they’ll be heading to, along with new members of the show.

The New York they were headed to was also mentioned in the first trailer, so it wouldn’t be a huge stretch if there was the same location.

We also know John is going to run for mayor, so there’s not much of he is away from.

Game of Thrones GoT Spray Paint Art on Canvas, Wolf Art, Wolf ...
I guess this will be a series filled with a mix of comedy, drama and mystery. Who knows what the themes are?