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Draw a bus, but not in a bus-making manner,” says López. And if you do try to get a sense of an “ugly” process, just remember that it was all done, the final image was created by López’s colleagues before her.

I don’t want to take credit for the work that was published in the journal but I am very proud of how my team brought our vision to life. And, while many others in this field are “drawing buses” in the same way, but just on a bigger scale, I still hope to provoke new visions and create new opportunities in our society.

Image credits: Mural by Pedro López courtesy of Biblioteca Università C.E.L.O. / Wikipedia.

The U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory’s Large Hadron Collider (LHC) experiment released an announcement this week confirming the discovery of the elusive particle known as WIMPs: Strongly interacting massive particles. The LHC will continue to produce a record high amount of data on the particle and its effects, which are now entering a new phase of observation. In addition to being the largest particle collider in existence, scientists used the new technology to study more than 300 protons and five of the six known Higgs bosons.

The latest discoveries include additional signs this particle’s existence.

“It was a long time coming, but we found the evidence of WIMPs at CERN,” says David Schlegel, the first LHC supervisor.

WIMPs are believed to be the root cause of certain anomalies that have been plaguing particle physics today. These anomalies include the discrepancy between the particle data available at LHC and the prediction of WIMP behavior. The experiments at LHC today are capable of producing enough data to answer the big questions regarding the nature of matter, and what this means for particle physics itself. This new information will help physicists better understand the nature of the heavy element uranium, which is of increasing importance to nuclear reactors around the world.

At present, physicists are looking at two WIMP candidates at CERN. The first is the proton-proton collision, where a beam of particles crashes into each other in a high-energy collision known as the P-P collision. The second is the Tevatron collision, in which particles are created when particles collide in a magnetic field. When Tevatron particles come into collision with electrons on

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