How do you draw a easy car for beginners? – How To Draw Cars 3 Cam Spinner Voicemod

I believe this is my answer:

Make it simple. I made a couple of very simple cars from scratch but it still took me quite a while. But there are lots of things to learn during your car making journey.

What do you see as the biggest advantage of making a car? Probably the price: you only need 4 parts but a car can take a lot of hard work to fully realise. But a great advantage is that if something breaks, it’s not costly to repair. Also, you start from zero and you can always add parts yourself.

So, what would you do if you were to make your first car?

I would make a simpler one. I like making something small. I think that this is one way we can make a lot more fun!

What do you take into the car when making it? What is the most useful tip you can offer? I think a great thing is to use the tools we use everyday. I don’t use tools because they make me lazy, so I prefer learning by doing… which is basically how I develop my skills. For example, I use a rotary saw when I’m trying to cut some plastic parts. That was a mistake! I should have never tried slicing wood into small bits with a rotary saw anyway, that only makes me work more slowly. A rotary saw can take you quite a long time, so always have a spare set.

Are there certain things that you wish could be different in a car you designed? Yes, of course. We do have a lot of issues with a lot of things in the automobile such as steering, brakes, tyres etc. So I’d like to get rid of a lot of useless parts, but in the process I’d like to make the car more accurate. I’d also like to reduce the weight of the tires.

My second biggest wish would be that I could drive, which I couldn’t do as the old one. I’m not happy with a car that only moves slowly, and I’d like to have a real car with more capabilities.

Your passion is motor racing, what does your racing background mean to you? I started my career with an S500, which was a beautiful car. I still have a lot of friends from that car, including my wife: we race together every weekend. The biggest difference between me as a designer and a racer, although I can see it all, is that I drive only a car that doesn’t break

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