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In the last century, various different logos have been designed to represent the Ford Motor Company.

This logo was originally drawn in 1937 for their showroom in the car and parts departments at Dearborn Chevrolet.

The logo uses a dark blue to represent the blue used to create blueprints.

A light blue background is used to represent the blue used to paint the entire building including the front of the building.

The Ford logo is also used at the Dearborn Chevrolet showroom, also called the “Ford Showroom” The logo is blue using the same light blue that is used as blueprints.

The logo was drawn in 1938 as the logo for the Dearborn Chevrolet Showroom where cars are shown by various manufacturers.

If you were a human in 1995 or 1996 this year, you might recall the infamous scene in the original Star Wars trilogy at the end of Revenge of the Sith in which Darth Vader tells Luke, “I am your father.” It’s a line that could be considered a metaphor for the man who, in the wake of his father’s death, becomes all the more powerful.

In an interview with CNN’s Fareed Zakaria, actor Hayden Christensen recalled the moment, which he says was “the moment I decided I loved my father … and became a Sith.”

This isn’t new. As the Washington Post’s Chris Ingraham reported Tuesday, the Darth Vader moment was discussed last year in a letter by the late actress Cicely Tyson. And in 2013, the British paper Daily Mail reported about a conversation between actor Robert Shaw and director George Lucas, who told him to put aside Vader-ness and embrace himself, which led Shaw to write “Darth Vader Is My New God.”

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According to Christensen, the moment came during a scene he was doing with the writer/director, Mark Hamill.

“If you want to know why I’m so in love with Darth Vader,” Christensen remembers Hamill saying, “he’s everything I’ve ever fantasized about, and he’s not quite who I think he is.”

But the scene had changed. “In fact it was not Darth Vader at all, but Darth Vader as Hayden Christensen,” he said. The writer said, “I never felt so good about myself since last Friday.” Christensen smiled, then said, “It’s so good to know that I’m the good man I know God made me to be.”

“We started laughing and the next thing I remember was being

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