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How do you draw an elephant? How do you draw a penguin?” he said. “If the artist is not inspired, the public won’t care and you’ll just have to wait. If you’re not inspired, the audience won’t care either, either.”

In a way, the entire world’s imagination is being fed to the artist. Every person on the planet is participating in a game the artist doesn’t even think about, which can lead to a lot of unplanned projects. At the same time, the public is constantly fed into the artist’s imagination. In my opinion, that’s the biggest problem of all, too.

You Can’t Make A Art By Reading In The Field

On top of this, many of the most powerful artists are actually the most self-deprecating about the way they draw. This isn’t a compliment, but a criticism. Most of them don’t have the training to truly know the art of drawing an animal or plant, so they’re forced to rely on their own intuition. They aren’t particularly confident in their drawing, but often they won’t be asked to draw other human objects at all.

I think a lot of artists have this fear. They believe they can just write in the field and get what they need, because that’s something people would expect (and I assume will like) from a professional illustrator. This leads to many artists trying to push their interpretation of the work through interpretation rather than realism, which is a poor use of artistic talent.

I’m glad I don’t work in a corporate environment where people expect you to do the impossible, but I’m sure it’s also why most creative people are wary about their art in any setting.

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This is often a difficult discussion to have, and it’s not without issues. I’ve found that a lot of talented people think too highly of themselves (usually for the wrong reasons). Artists are often considered “artistic” and they’ve been told by everyone they know (and they’re friends) that they are the ultimate experts.

This kind of perspective is an unhealthy attitude to place on one’s creative work, or perhaps I’ve been spoiled. I’ve also been told many times that art is just for us babies (and I’m sure there are plenty of babies out there who think that way). If you feel the same way, here are some examples:

“Hey, that guy drew a bunny!”

“That’s how artists draw”

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