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I would need a lion.”

Lion! You must be joking. I don’t know about your training… I doubt there’s any animal that could do what you can. And, yes, I know, the two-headed lion is supposed to be drawn with the palm of your hand—the more the merrier! I’m just going to go ahead and draw it with the palm. I’m going to do the drawing. Now.
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You can also refer to other drawings of lion statues you came across online. For instance, a drawing of a lion that doesn’t appear to have a tail is a Lion statue. Also, one of the first lion statues I come across is this one:

I drew one lion in this manner for a school trip to Italy. One thing that stood out to me about it was that it had a large gaping mouth, and two eyes with small pupils—it was really cute but somewhat creepy to me. I drew another lion for a school project for a science class. The students were a bit more understanding and even more amused than in my first case, and they showed me pictures of how to draw different lion statues.

As you draw a lion, you want to keep something that makes the image stand out even more. For example, there can be a lot going on if you draw a lion on the bottom. You want to show it more as if it is alive. Then, instead of drawing a lion on its hind legs, you can just make them longer than it is tall to make it stand out, or simply draw a big and tall lion with a mouth. Whatever it is, make sure the lion is a good example of how a lion should look. If you want to draw a lion with something on its back or head and draw that in a line, that is what happens. The drawing will look good and will be easier to draw.

Now I’m going to explain drawing.

Drawing is something you have to practice. It’s a process, and as you keep practicing, it will become easier to draw a lion. If you’re a beginner, make sure that you practice the lion before you start drawing them. You can either draw one on-screen or in paper, if you want something easy to draw. Some people might get discouraged to begin by drawing on paper rather than on-screen, although the lion will eventually look better if you practice drawing on-screen first. Whatever you do, make sure you practice what you draw

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