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You draw the beast, don’t you?” He said, “By my life! No!” And he went to the other side of the village and laid his palm over the head of Jesus. (Luke 22:39–46)

The first thing you have to think about is: Is there a good reason why I would bring that little girl in here and make her see this?

If someone is standing behind me with a rifle, you don’t stop to say, “Oh, well, that’s just the way they are.” And if you have to choose among a huge number of bullets, you don’t go with the small one and then the more powerful one.

And so these two little girls with their rifles are really doing a great service, even though we can’t bring more than two. They’re not putting their lives at risk. They’re not putting other children in the danger.

The real reason why we are seeing these pictures is: The people in these photographs are the victims of this horror. We should make sure they see that.

One of the interesting things in all this is that two of the pictures from the scene of Mary’s birth show the babies in the womb.

If you see a picture of a man in a suit, you think, “Is that a man, or is it a machine?”

And yet many photographers believe, based in part on that one photograph, that they need to keep it in, too.

But there’s not much point in going out, when there is no danger involved, and then leaving the picture. And why should we take that chance? The person, like the baby, is there for us—in a very real way—because God designed him for that part, and we just have to make sure we don’t put him at risk.

As I said, that is why I bring these two babies into the church to look at.

I will explain why we see these things, but first I want to talk about another subject.

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[Theodore] McKnight’s “Children of the Revolution.” This book has a lot of great photographs. One example is from the very beginning. In the first pages of the book, you have a bunch of little children and one is named Thomas.

And he’s about five years old, but he looks more like an adult, the way he stands, and his little feet. He is so beautiful!

You had a very

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