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Well, if any player is interested, that’s a great time to talk to these guys. We’re actually having one of those sessions where we’re going to start the discussion of how to make a realistic game with a little bit of realism. A real tank, that’s just the way it is. The same way you create real weapons, the same way you create realistic cars with, say, a steering wheel, a steering wheel and pedals. You’re going to go through all the steps of making a realistic tank. And I will ask you a series of questions and you all have 30 seconds to come up with some answers. What are some cool things you’d like people to imagine as an engineer designing a real tank? How about some cool things you’d like to use in your game? I think that’s going to give us a great opportunity to start the discussion of realistic game design. So I don’t know how you come up with these answers. But I do know that we’re gonna have a discussion with the community on how to make tanks cool in a way that hopefully people can recognize them, identify them and put these things in their imaginations. As a guy who is a really good designer of games, my job is to create a little bit of realism and make all these things real, and I think it’s really important that this discussion is started. You know, we’re not going to be a real tank game. We’ll be a real simulation game. We will have to do something about the physics, right? In real life we can’t have all the cars that look like the way they look. You know, we’re trying to make you realize, right? Why is your tank like that? How do you actually put this real vehicle to good use? So, you can’t just let these things go. There’s only so much realism a designer can create in the time they have. The time I have, you know, as I was saying, to make this game, what I’ve been able to make is, you know, a little bit of realism in the way tanks behave, the way the engine works, but in a realistic way. We’re not going to have all the things that you see on the show. We have to make it just realistic enough in order to be interesting. I’m excited that we’ll get to do that. You’re going to be talking at length about how the game is going to be like a simulation game but have some tank in it. For example, I
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