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I’ve been going to a small local auto and home repair shop since I was in school for over five years now. I had an awesome shop so they hired the most talented guys in Los Angeles (we call ourselves the Art Crew of Los Angeles), and they’re all awesome. The owner will draw a car, and will have all the info they need, like the year, make and model as well as any extra information the owner needs on it. It’s a lot of fun! We also get the drawings done right inside, and they look stunning!

What’s the biggest thing you need after you’ve got your sketches ready?

You need to get them colored. You need to have them ready by your deadline. It’s not just about color, though. It’s about how the background looks. It’s always easier to get that first rough sketch, with the rough paint and all, than it is to get it all finalized.

That doesn’t mean getting everything as it should look. There’s always something. Maybe that first sketch of the car you drew was a little too big, that could be cut away. Maybe there should have been a little bit more detailing. Or you could have made a small design feature on the sides of the car that you might have missed. Just because you don’t know that when you start doesn’t mean your sketch will be wrong after all, and there’s always a small chance you might discover that you’re right! Don’t be afraid to make a mistake when you’re sketching something as big as a car. If you mess up, go ahead and redo, but don’t get stressed by it.

Also, don’t worry about your colors! The paint on a car isn’t the same color in all the different spots that make up the car.

When can I expect to start getting my cars done?

This depends on what we need to get done at the business we are trying to get into. If all else fails, we’ll do our first car drawings by our deadline. We start working out our schedule around a 1-2 week window.

We usually get finished with our art by 9pm to 10pm that Friday or Saturday, depending on our schedule. If the business has too many orders, it can be a little more onerous if we can’t get the first sketches in by 9pm that Friday and have to start drawing again a little later on Saturday morning.

When the business is starting

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