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Are they on the bridge of your nose or are they in the corner of your mouth? What shape do my lips be? Do they have a lip, a jaw, a nose or both?

Now, you can take the same face (or face shape) and take the same facial expression. Now we are just doing the same thing we drew last time… just a tad bigger. You can always make the size change to whatever you prefer.

What is this?

Let’s say you’re feeling creative and you want to make a face, you’re not going to draw all of your body and then try to make a face out of the facial cues you’ve used. This is all about using a little imagination to draw what’s on your mind.

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What you can do is make subtle variations on these simple face sketches or face drawings.

I draw the mouth to look wider, I make the eyebrow look wider to draw a higher brow (it’s harder to draw the brow but you can make it look thinner), I bring my mouth up more to create a slight point, I keep the mouth at the middle, I make it lower, lower, lower to make it look thinner, and I make it wider again. How do you do that?

I think it’s a good idea to draw a bunch of different facial cues on your blank canvas to see how other people would draw them. And then you’ll need a little bit more creativity to do something totally different!

The bottom line is, once you can do something with facial cues, you then just need to have better imagination to make the face look more or less like you imagined it.

For example, you can make a chin as wide or smaller, create a jawline or draw eyebrows to the side. Or maybe you would draw the nose a little higher and lower, lower, lower to make it seem more or less prominent.

If you find that you can see the direction that you’re going in and make those facial cues work for you, then you have taken that step towards better drawing.

When you learn how to make your face look more or less like you wanted, it opens up so much more creativity to do with your art.

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