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I don’t know because I just drew him without the blue.

I’ll have to draw the rest of the blue cards as well.

A new report published by the US-based Federation for Rights in Iran (FREI) says Iran has the worst human rights situation in the Middle East region, and its citizens are being denied basic rights on account of their gender.

According to the report, “Women are underrepresented in government positions and in public and private sectors. The number of women in state institutions is decreasing steadily.”

According to the report, women’s human rights rights are denied in four different ways:

By laws in each region prohibiting the admission of female candidates into official positions.

By laws prohibiting the exercise of certain rights and duties for women, and restricting their activities or rights.

By official practices that severely restrict women’s rights and their full participation in society, such as restrictions on the employment of women in state-owned companies or on professions that require a high level of education and qualification, and restrictions on their entry to certain professions, such as those related to the arts or sports.

By discrimination and violence, including forced marriages, child marriage, domestic violence, sexual harassment and female genital mutilation.

The report states that Iran’s male-dominated political and cultural institutions, which have the power to grant and deny citizens’ rights, continue to deny women their rights.

The FREI report concludes that, “The number of women’s political participation in Iranian political institutions has been decreasing, and more restrictions are being imposed on the rights of some women. This phenomenon is evident in the decision of all Supreme Councils to ban women from all political offices, in a country in which women hold a greater number of positions than men.”

The report states that, “In 2015, the number of female parliamentary candidates did not surpass the number of male candidates, which is still considered a high number. Only two parliamentary candidates of the ruling party are women. In some regions, more female legislators are necessary to achieve full representation of women.”

The report says that the number of female judges has also decreased in recent years. The number of female and male judges is equal by more than 40, but in some judicial regions the number of male judges remains increasing.

According to the report, in 2014, Iranian women received an equal number of electoral votes as their male counterparts. The number of male and female members of parliament continued to decrease.

Published in Dawn

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