Do you need a college degree to be a film director? – Filmmaking Tips In Telugu

I have no idea; I never heard one about it. It’s funny. So many of these directors and writers were educated at elite schools; the film industry is not a big business with a lot of Ivy League degrees. No, I don’t think you need a four-year degree to be a screenwriter, as long as you are really smart and can write compelling dialogue. I don’t think that writing scripts is your primary qualification. I always thought: writing is all about the storytelling.

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What do you do for a living? Right now I am trying to get my film out and I am working the same shifts as the other directors here and I make about $1,300 a week and it’s all for food. I also have part-time work in an entertainment business, which is pretty good; I do stand-up, I do sketch comedy and make some movies for a living. I’m actually an actor so there’s a big gap there, which is a nice place because there isn’t too much room within the theater community. As an actor, it’s really hard sometimes because it feels like you’re doing one job, and there are other jobs where you’ll have to take a week off.

What’s the worst job you got? I got fired on film for not getting on camera when I auditioned for a scene. I was a young actor and I had just done a small part and I really didn’t know anything about directing or the industry. I did a couple of small scenes in my first movie and I was not a part of the casting of it; I didn’t have anything to do with the editing process or anything. I was just sitting there for about four or five hours until somebody came over and had to walk me to the car and they let me go.

Does directing ever get to you? On all of the films I have done I’ve only done the first two or three days. The first one was a really bad experience and I wasn’t prepared to do it and I didn’t know what to expect. I went out to lunch with the scriptwriter [director-co-writer-producer-co-writer] and we went down to the Hollywood Hotel. He invited me to come along and watch the first movie, which was the same thing. I was nervous but I was a little bit nervous that we would have an actual first meeting to make some changes or whatever the case may be. That was the first day and it was pretty much a disaster

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