How much does a film director make in a year? – Digital Techniques And Electrical Instrument Display Of 2010

Well actually it’s quite a bit when you look like me. A lot but I didn’t make any money out of it.

How much does a screenwriter make in the US? Well it all depends on where it is, how much it is and how much people like it. It’s really hard work and everyone who I’ve worked with has been wonderful. My favourite one is probably the great Neil LaBute who wrote for the Doctor Who episode Doomsday, because he wrote really good scripts without any of the usual “prestige” of directors. I guess I am a bit of a recluse. It’s like when you’ve got a film or book that you really love, and you’ve got people just coming up to you saying “Hello”, “Hi, How’s your book?” and then after an orgy of congratulations you realize that they must be my real friends.

Do you still shoot film in your spare time? Do you still make films for yourself?

In my spare time? Well yeah, in my spare time I’m doing television – I’m doing 30 episodes of the ITV1 show, A Current Affair. It’s fantastic fun and I’ve loved every minute of it. And I just did a couple of short films with the BBC to promote the TV adaptation of my book – the first was called The Boy From Ipanema and it was called “Love For Sale”. It was a one and two minute short film and my second film is called The Lady’s Secret. It’s the story of a teenager who is looking for love, I guess you’d say.

It seems like some kind of film festival is a rarefied thing for you at the moment, isn’t it?

Well it’s true. I am fortunate, I’m lucky to be where I am, but it wouldn’t be any fun if the festival was anything like it is right now. The number of things that I have to do… but if it weren’t for the films that I’m working on I’d not be where I am today. I’m lucky, I’ve got a lot of friends to keep me in a good mood.

You once said that the most important thing to you is not the money, in fact you think that’s the biggest hindrance to your career. So is that still a big thing for you?

Yeah, I don’t think so. I guess I guess if I was in my late 40s or 50s and I really

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