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H.J. Holmes is executive producer of the BBC’s Doctor Who. Stephen Fry is executive producer of Doctor Who and the co-writer of Doctor Who. Both are internationally renowned.

We contacted the BBC’s press office to get the details.

They confirmed that as executive producers both are involved in the production of the show.

If the two of them are working together they are technically entitled to make decisions on their own – although that is unlikely.

Who’s responsible for making the show?

The BBC executive producer of Doctor Who is the executive producer of the show. The producer of the show is also the BBC’s head of drama, who is responsible for deciding upon the show’s direction.

Who’s responsible for making the show?

According to a source, the BBC’s director of TV, David Whitaker, is responsible for the series. The new BBC controller, Tony Hall, is responsible for “the overall running of the corporation from London”.

What does the BBC charge for airing the show?

Doctor Who is a “special” BBC broadcast that is only available with a subscription. The first six series of the show, The Day of the Doctor, is not available on BBC iPlayer or any other subscription-based service.

The BBC charges £17.95 for each viewing of the second series of the series, or £8.95 for the seventh and last series.

It seems likely that there has been an increase in this charge over the past decade or so, as the original show made between £700,000 and £800,000 a week in its first series.

As Doctor Who is only available to subscribers – and not on general television or streaming – it appears this charge is to cover the cost of the licence fee.

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So Doctor Who costs more to broadcast than just a series of books?

Yes, although only to a limited number of viewers. According to the BBC, the series of novels which is now available with pay television comes out in July or August. The seventh series is available only to subscribers.

So what are those novels and do they pay for itself?

At the moment, you need to be a Doctor and pay to see the episode, but that is set to change. In the new deal which runs from the start of November, any Doctor Who episode already in production and not yet completed will include the novels as part of the show and they will also be available to

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