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One may be tempted to see this as a problem of the current crop of filmmakers and of the way they are being made. However, one must remember that the people making the films are also the people who control the means by which they make them. Films are made on digital and in large part for social purposes; one of these purposes being to help build awareness and support for some of the issues and causes that this film, or any other, might explore.

Is the use made of CGI and digital tricks?

It seems logical to assume that the use of CGI and/or digital gimmicks to tell stories would be seen by audiences as being a sign that filmmaking has entered a new phase. After all, how can CGI be used well if it doesn’t work as well as a human does? However, there seems to actually be little to be gained from being overly careful in the creation of the technology in the first place – there is a strong argument for the inclusion of CGI, in particular, in a film with a strong moral message – this is a topic for a different entry in this series.

This article is, however, about the use of such technology. Many film-makers use CGI technology, and the results are often excellent, often as good as or superior to those produced by the human actors at the time of filming. But is there any way to ensure that CGI is not used as a means to gain an unfair advantage? Is there any difference to what the audience is being shown (or the audience is expected to see) based upon the CGI created?

It is worth noting, of course, that there are various technologies available to make films or animation that seem particularly well suited to the use of CGI – a technology which would enable the creation of a film in much the same way as a television is able to do – without the need for CGI or human actors. A very small number of films are created using very large-scale 3D scanning techniques – which are, in themselves, an advantage (at least when the film’s story itself is interesting enough), but there are many who find it more interesting to work within the medium of an interactive computer game than to engage with a full-scale 3D screen.

What about the effects of computer graphics?

These effects can be used in any number of ways, so it makes no sense to look at computer graphics solely on the basis of whether they can be used well in film-making. However, in many cases, they

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