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It’s not like you can just come in with anything and be like, “Okay, I’m going to use this camera and do this with this lens and that camera, and then this one and that one, and that’s going to look good all together.” So you have to work your way through all this film school stuff and stuff like that. And then, you also have to look at what kind of film you’re making and think what kind of story? That’s one reason why I chose to make The Beguiling. There aren’t a whole lot of genre movies you can make in a short amount of time, but I think there are a lot of stories to tell. I think a really good story, though, when you’ve got to tell it over and over, that’s when I try to get it to get more interesting. You have to be patient, and I think I have a pretty good record of that.

Do you feel you’re finally getting your due?

Mitt Romney’s new ad attacks Obama for using his wife as a spokeswoman for their economic policies. And it will no doubt raise eyebrows across the nation.

In the video, aired Tuesday on Fox and Friends, the former Massachusetts governor says:

I do not have the greatest family values. My wife doesn’t have the greatest family values.

This comes as no surprise considering that in May, Romney himself criticized Obama over the fact he had used his wife, Michelle, as a spokesman for his economic policies — a statement that the Obama campaign seized on as proof the president “has nothing but scorn and contempt for the first family and its priorities.”

At the same time, the campaign has sought to portray her attacks on Romney’s work record as personal attacks on a spouse.

While they’re both divorced, Romney worked briefly for Romney. After a rocky start, the two were working on an op-ed together that focused on his experience in the private sector.

Fifty people died in a blaze that engulfed a building in the north of the Indian capital on Tuesday.

Twenty-two were rescued from the building.
verde - Nashville Film Festival Nashville Film Festival

Police said three are confirmed dead after the blaze broke out in the middle of the night.

“The death toll in the fire has risen to over 55, with 12 injured,” said Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a televised statement.
and officials.

“Firefighters have been sent to the scene of the disaster by fire engines,” he said.

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