How can I make money playing guitar lessons? – How To Play Electric Guitar For Dummies

I’ve talked before about why learning with a teacher might be right for your situation. I wouldn’t recommend getting a teacher. Most people just don’t have the money or inclination to invest that much in the lessons (unless, of course, you’re a guitarist like me, and who knows…?). In this article, I’ll present two methods that a lot of guitar tutors use.

Method #1: You can listen to some recordings

In my experience, for the most part, tutors can’t play their instrument with any degree of accuracy. That isn’t to say the recordings aren’t great, but it’s a different problem. I know I can make better progress with recordings than with teaching someone for $30 an hour. I think it’s worth that extra $3 or $4 or whatever to have the ability to put you in the right place — to show what the instrument sounds like as well as to show you how you can improve — as quickly as possible with no wasted time and no more wasted energy.

It used to be a problem with recording courses: many were so amateurish that the teachers would be playing badly even though they were clearly playing their favorite tunes. I used to have a rule about it — if the recording was so bad, I didn’t play the tune in the recording — but it’s been a long time since I used that rule.

To make your recording better, I sometimes play the recording myself in order to get a sense for how it sounds different from my own playing. If you’re looking for a recording that has your best music on it, go all out. If you can’t, then just listen to it. You’ll find that your voice sounds less muffled, the harmonies sound more natural, and that you’re playing to your strengths — not for the guitar alone, but the guitar with your teacher’s help. There’s no right or wrong here — I just want to get to the point where you’re comfortable with the experience and the teaching method. If you already have a good sound, you’re good to go.

Method #2: You can look up other guitar teachers using online classes

I’ve written before about this, but today I want to make sure that I’m clear on it: the main reason why the “best” teachers are so rare for guitar is because they are teaching so many different things. They’re taught how to play the guitar, they’re taught how to read music, they’re taught how

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