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I think I will learn Piano in the summer, probably a long time, probably by myself but I will be working with my friend who has a piano teacher.

In order to learn to play the piano, how long would you say that it takes to learn to play this instrument?

After one year, probably, in one year (…)

What type of music would you make if you could perform with your voice?

The main instrument, not the violin, not the piano, but the voice would certainly be the main instrument.

What is your favorite piano music?
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I actually do not know a lot (…) But I think it would be a pretty difficult challenge – in that my main instrument is the piano.

How big of a challenge is this in terms of time?

Well I do not know… But definitely, for piano, I don’t think that the real hard part, my main tool (…) is the piano, the very first piece that I ever learned was my piano solo. So that will be a very hard task: to actually play that piece on one piano. I’m not so certain about the question of the number of piano pieces I should learn.

What do you think about the importance of this art form?

I think it’s amazing. It takes the imagination to learn piano. It’s not something you just learn when you were born, it requires a lot of time, it’s a very difficult (…) and I don’t know where the first piano piece comes from… I think it’s a very important subject. It teaches us in one way and it teaches us to be a musician… I think it’s really important.

What is your greatest music inspirations?

Tunes, it doesn’t get in my way. Music is the biggest inspiration of my life.

What can you tell us about the piano playing you have done since childhood?

You know (…) I do not have a very good grasp on this because I was already a child when I started piano and I started doing it by myself and by myself I did not have much of a technique in that direction… So I have not even touched a piano since I started piano. And so that is a question that doesn’t really matter because my playing was not very good but in a way that did not bother me…

How about you? What songs do you learn the most? What are your favorite instruments? Let us know your

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