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The answer is as many as you wish! In fact, the answer to this question depends largely on what type of music you can play: Rock (traditional or acoustic), jazz, blues, or any other type of pop. Guitar chords are taught in many different ways, with some schools using scales to build chords in a certain way, others using chords with fingerings, others using chords with scales, etc., but there are several general styles you can use to learn guitar chord scales.

Cells/Scale Examples:

The chord scale, as you can see from the examples below, is used to build almost any chord (including scales) that you can fit a note on. The guitar chords examples below were built from the chord scales, not the notes themselves. If you know the notes for some chord, you can learn any shape by playing one or more chords starting with those notes. But, that is a very deep process!

F Pentatonic Minor Scale Example:

We’re going to build an example of the F Pentatonic Minor scale in this lesson, in the same order as the F major scale, but starting from the major (F) scale, we will add 3 notes to our shape. This brings the F pentatonic minor scale to 1 chord, which is in the key of E.

F Lydian Major Scale Example:

We’re going to use this scale to build a major 3 chord with a simple triad. There is even an example of it built from triads (A, B, C) to build the 3rd of the F pentatonic chord. The 3rd is C, and you can see why it’s written C instead of D: the minor pentatonic scale doesn’t allow C as a note in its major triad. Just the 2 notes in the above scale help to create the 3rd chord, but this can be done without a 3rd in the scale. Here is my chord diagram for this scale:

There’s also a more complicated chord shape for the F pentatonic scale. Here I’ve been able to create the shape from the above chord structure, with the addition of the note A, which gives you the first “B” in the chord. There is also a variation of this scale (sometimes called “B pentatonic”) with 4 notes to create the 1st “D”. Also, a similar scale but starting with the D root note (D) has the same structure as

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