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In my opinion this is the most important thing your guitar learning should be! All beginners should at least learn how to read a guitar, how to play chords and have the chords be playable on a guitar! It’s amazing how many guitar players learn in the way of memorization, and forget to practice! This is the biggest obstacle to beginners learning guitar. If you want to learn a song with a few chords, try one of my articles!

How fast can I play all the chords in one song?

Chords are actually very easy to learn when you learn them slowly over time. Just start playing the note and your fingers get used to it! One of the benefits of learning in this manner is that you will feel “sick” of the notes soon enough. As your fingers get used to them, they become less painful to play and become faster too!

Can I always get back up to speed when playing?

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There are no magic spells that help to improve your speed over time. There is no magic ingredient to a guitarist that will improve your speed! It all comes from a steady stream of practice. Practice what you’ve learned and what you think feels good.

What are the key guitar scales and chords?

The key guitar scales are used to identify the notes in a particular section of a song. These are what you need to understand the notes in any given section of a song. These are the key guitar scales!

The chord chart below gives you an easy idea of these scales and their notes.

Chord Chord Scale Key Example E B D E Eb D A Bb F A C Fb Ab G B Cb G Abb A Ab Gm Bb Bb C G Ab Bb

How can I use songs to practice?

I’ve created 5 simple exercise videos which will help you practice your finger skills by repeating songs and sections. When you do these exercises the progressions will look like this:

Repeat 1 of each chord twice

Repeat 2 of each chord six times

Repeat 3 of each chord three times

Repeat 4 of each chord four times

Repeat 5 of each chord twice

Repeat 6 of each chord six times

These are examples of what you might be like to begin with.

Each song has a section where the notes are repeated two or three times. These are the three repetitions which give your fingers a chance to learn the notes. Each time you practice

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