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I’m sure you know the 3 most important chords (unless you’re living under a rock).

What are the 4 important guitar chords?

A 4.5 chord is the root of every A chord and is called the 5th of a chord. All of the A chords are 4.5ths apart.

It is a nice touch that we don’t have a “7th chord” from the 5th that we use to name 4 chords.

What are the chords that you must know before using any other guitar chords?

Chords like the 5th, the major 7 and the major tonic are important in order for you to play guitar and you will learn them in the next section.

The second most important string of the guitar is the 7th (G). All of the A chords are G7ths apart.

This chord has been used in the past for music and music theory and it is not one you will learn immediately.

The next chord that we will discuss is the root, which is called the 9th or even the maj 7th. There are other root chord names but these are used almost universally when playing a particular chord.

This chord is the 7th chord at the bottom of the octave. There is no 1st or 2nd in the interval and the root is also called the 7th.

This chord is the 9th chord in the range of E7-F7 and is also called the maj 7th and major 7th. The 2nd and 3rd notes of this chord are called major chords and those are the most important chords to learn.

As the name implies, the root of these 4 chords is the E7 and the 3rd of the 3rd chord is the 7. If you have never played these chords before, make sure you memorize these names.

I have tried to explain every chord you’ve ever heard. Please read this section again and make sure to understand what the intervals in these chords are and why each one is important to know. Please do not skip here!

What is the 3rd in C?
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C is the 3rd in the most common C chord (The Root). The C3 chord is not the 3rd in all the C chords. It is usually called 2nd in C and 3rd in C2. The notes in this interval are called the 1st in C and other notes are called the 2nd in C

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