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There are 5 basic guitar chords: E, D, G, A, E.

Now, what are some basic guitar chord tones? There are 9 basic guitar tone chords: G, Bb, E, D/A, Am, Am7, Am7b5, Am7b9, E7, Eb, Fm7, Fm9, Am7, Am7b5, Am7b9.

What are the common sounds for each guitar chord?

To begin, I’d like you to read a simple chord melody.

This chord melody is very important because it helps you identify the most important and common guitar tones. It is a great test of your ability to identify common and important guitar tone chords.

If you are learning the chord melody, then click here to begin

A guitar chord melody

Step 1: Read the melody and identify the tones you hear.

Let’s say that you’re working on learning an E and you hear this melody:

Step 1 (Identify): “A”

What is this A in the chord melody?

This A is called an “A” chord. The name “A” means “All” and “All” chords are called A chord. It is a chord which creates a harmony as well as an emotional feeling!

Also, if you are learning the chord melody, then this chord does not have the A sound in it (the same with the F and G chord melodies).

Let’s say that you’re working on learning the A chord.

Step 2: Make sure that you are still working on identifying the specific tones you hear in this chord melody.

I have given you four most common guitar chords.

Now, here is what other guitar chord tones are, just to help you understand that these are the most common guitar tones.

Notice that in the chord melody, there is only one tone (A) so there is no need for the A chord to have a bass note (there is no A in the chord).

When you hear chord melodies and you hear “A” chord tones, you’ve identified a typical guitar chordtone, but there are other guitar chords with different tones.

Here is a list of many common chord tones.
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Step 3: Identify your key(s).

Now that you are able to identify the basic guitar chord tones, you will then need to identify ”

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