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I have been asked the question of this question by two young girls with whom I have been teaching guitar lessons for more than 10 years, and they can not think of a way to say what a real price should be. They are in the process of buying guitar gear for their school and they must decide how many lessons they need at a time and which teacher(s) to get them. They both are considering switching to a full time teacher, but do not know how to estimate a price.

The following answers to this question come from the perspective of an experienced professional who has worked in the retail store business, where music equipment retailing usually starts with the retailer’s inventory of pre-owned instruments or other items that are sold by the retailer for a low cost in the retailer’s own store. In a new store, the manufacturer is supplying the retailer with pre-owned inventory in the area.

Answer 1: The average retailer will sell $100 of used instruments and accessories, per day.

Answer 2: It varies, but the average retailer may average $150 of pre-owned inventory per day, per model.

Answer 3: When using a wholesale supplier, you may have a shelf-life that is longer than the average manufacturer. This is a situation where a larger shelf-life allows for higher prices to be paid.

You can try using Amazon’s prices for used instruments to see how prices vary with each retailer and also try to get the manufacturer pricing if possible:

Amazon’s Price Match Guarantee will match any price found via Amazon’s site. This guarantee will be honored at the original vendor price. To get the Price Match Guarantee on any used Amazon product, click the link in the widget above.

The Bottom Line: In our opinion, it is worth asking yourself. What cost per lesson will make sense for you? I say use this question to find a price that you can afford.

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