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It can be hard to imagine. Even for me, when I think of guitar, it seems more about fretting, and the ability of the string to articulate a vibrato. But there are so many different ways to play the guitar, from basic fingerpicking, to advanced chordal, harmonica, rhythm, and rhythm based playing, I don’t know if you could count them all.

Have you been to the guitar school in Germany or Japan?

Of course. In the beginning I was just a novice. Some of you know I’m on tour with The Mountain Goats and The Hives, which led us through Germany at a beautiful piano school for ten days. At the same time, I went back to Italy to do some music and learn how to play in a small way, with a lot of feedback like when you’re listening to a guitar solo on your iPod.

Photo: Courtesy of The Mountain Goats

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How did the Hives find you?

I met Jon and Greg on stage and they introduced me. They were like “Are you this kind of kid?” Then Greg asked me who my friends were, and it was like “Okay, you probably have these friends.” And there was me, in my twenties, so I was really confused, like ‘Yeah, I’ve never had a band together before’! But it all worked out for the best. They actually invited me to their school, just to talk to them and learn how they play. I think it was a lot of fun just meeting them and getting to know their playing and what they make.

Photo: Courtesy of The Hives

How did you meet The Hives?

We all started in the same town; we were all in different bands. I think it was at a guitar recital, Greg was playing this cool guitar and it looked great. He put it on and said, “We’re working on this new album.” I asked him what he was making, and he said, “We’re going to tour with a band.” So I said, “What did you just tell me?” and he said, “We’re going to tour with a band.” I thought it was so cool. I kept thinking, ‘What’s in that band you’re talking about? I want to see it!’ So the night after I saw them play, I called Greg up and said, “‘You need to sign me up for this band that’s playing this week. I want

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