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I have heard that there are three to one that it will outperform any guitar with more than 5000 USD. I am not 100% sure, but I believe, that it might outperform the Epiphone Les Paul. I would like to have it too but I need to see how it will perform in my system. Thanks to everyone who has inquired.

My question is: Do I have to pay more than 50 dollars extra just to get a Custom built Les Paul with the original hardshell?

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–Chris S


As the seller said, you do not have to pay extra to get the guitar, it will be shipped out free. If you do not need the original hardshell it is about 50 dollars more, but you will be able to have the guitar.



I am not sure I got my order correctly, I have not sent it yet and will have to send it next week. I had seen pictures that showed these guitars as custom made and the pictures were not on the order page, but when I bought my Les Paul Custom I could order it as a standard Custom or I could have this model, however I was told if you want the guitar it will not be a regular Custom.



Hey guys! I am really happy this is sold out and that the sales are on. After looking through all the reviews, many of them were pretty great and people really loved these guitars.

I bought the custom Les Paul Custom and I love it. It is a really awesome looking guitar and one of the best looking guitars ever, and I love the feel that it puts on the neck.

I have the hard shell edition but I just purchased the regular Les Paul for $250 off my last purchase of mine. The difference is incredible. It is more comfortable but the real difference between the two guitar is the look. The hard shell is just incredible. I am very happy that this has gone so far so soon but I will be ordering a Les Paul with one of these on my next purchase of another guitar.

If I get a request of ordering for other guitars and Les Paul Custom it seems there should be a better response to the request.

Thank you to all the buyers that sent me their orders and to everyone that was in there with me all night to try these!


I have a Custom Shop Les Paul Custom and the neck

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