Do I need 88 keys to learn piano? – How To Learn Piano By Yourself

Yes, you do. 88 keys is about how many times you can hear chords or keys in a chord progression. In the chart above you see 8 chords, then 4 keys. The keys in the progression are the ones in the chord shape (the major, minor & pentatonic, though of course you could have them with other scales & shapes).

The notes are the order of the notes in the chord. The keys are the key names in the chord.

Here is a video on how to memorize all of the keys in a chord progression.

How to play piano: The basics, Piano Lesson #1 - YouTube
This means that to really memorize a chord progression you need to memorize its keys.

You do not always have to memorize all of the keys to a chord but it is good to memorize some at least. As long as you don’t memorize key names then the memorization is complete.

How do I know which keys are going to be on the next chord?

There are two ways of knowing.

1) You look at the chord progression & see the names of the major & minor triads, the key names as well, what shapes and what notes.

2) You simply look at the key signature to see which keys are going to the next chord.

The first method is easier to use, the second method is a little better, in that when you get an example chord you are 100% sure which notes are going to it.

One way to find out which keys are going to the chord is to memorize the key signatures of the chords in the chord progression.

For example, I memorized the key signature of the chords in the Blues “Dinah.”

I use these keys in a chord progression, “The Way We Were” as an example.

In “The Way We Were” there are 4 chords, major, Dorian, Mixolydian & Lydian.

In “Dinah” there are 5 chords, major, minor, flat 6th & blues 9th.

We can see in the key signatures:

Major chords are major key & minor chords are minor key.

These are the chords in “The Way We Were.”

Notice that in “The Way We Were” there is no way a major chord is a minor chord but the minor chord.

How Do I read chord progressions?

To read chord progressions and to understand what

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