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The following chart compares the length of time required for different types of lessons. For the sake of comparison, we used a time of 9:30 to achieve our goal of learning with less than 30 days. The difference between two curves is the amount of time for lessons; the larger the curve, the more time it takes to learn. This chart is very useful for comparing any kind of time-dependent learning.

Note: Lessons are calculated based on two types of time-based learning: learning through playing an instrument and learning through listening to an author, music and teacher. All lessons are measured in weeks.

Learning from an Author, Music and Teacher: 10 weeks = 4 months

Learning from an Instrument: 20 weeks = 6 months

Learning from an Author, Music and Teacher: 30 weeks = 11 months

(CNN) Two federal investigations into the Benghazi massacre were closed due to insufficient evidence, according to two senior State Department officials.

The decision to close the probes is a sign the investigations did not present enough evidence that State and FBI were directly involved in the deadly Sept. 11, 2012 attack in which four Americans died.
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On a Friday afternoon call with reporters, Susan Rice, a former U.N. ambassador and Obama administration official, said it appeared the probes, which began in 2015 after the deadly terrorist attack in Paris, were no longer “going anywhere.”

“While at the time we believed that these investigations should not be terminated, we are disappointed that we did not receive additional evidence that could have changed our decision,” said Rice, who took the helm of the State Department in January. She has served in the role since September 2015.

“We are also concerned that closing the investigations with no explanation may be a way to give the appearance to the public that our investigations are not being pursued fully,” she added.

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The UK government’s decision to ban “indecent material” on the internet was based on a report by an “independent” group, according to a leaked report which describes the policy as “dangerous” and “disruptive”.

The controversial new guidelines, which come at the end of several months of discussion, also suggest the policy is aimed at “protecting children from harmful images”.

The report by Professor Lucy Law, a legal expert and chairman of the Government’s Independent Expert Group on Child Safety, states: “There is a perception that the internet has become a place where content could possibly be accessed that could be

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