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The answer is no one size fits all. In a world of 24/7 access to media of all shapes and sizes you probably don’t get time to practice just the basic steps. If you can work on it for at least 40 minutes per day you don’t need to practice much more.

However, at home there are tools and apps available to help you develop your musical skills and hone your ear and eyes. So, if you want to master your piano, there are a lot of things you can begin.

How to develop your piano ear

So how do you develop your auditory and musical skills? In this article I will show you 6 exercises to begin developing music listening and piano technique. These are useful in all levels of piano learning.

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I started my studies studying music in the same way I do for languages – in private sessions with piano teachers. I always studied with the intention of hearing and playing the best I possibly could, as quick and as well polished as possible.

But I now realised it’s almost as valuable to just practice without actually playing to yourself as it is to learn from your own experience. Practice gives you valuable feedback both about how you’re doing and how you’re listening.

One of the best ways to learn is to practice with a group of people that support you. If you get a group of friends to practice with you you’ll notice how your technique and attention will develop. When you’re practicing to yourself you’re playing without anyone looking over your shoulder, so everyone will be more aware of how you’re working out. It means everyone will have their own opinion of your playing. Plus, your technique will develop naturally from the feedback you get during your practice sessions.

I recently bought the Piano Training Program for Android. With it you can choose which exercises to study and you’re encouraged to play each exercise over and over again.

There’s a lot of good advice in there but most of all it’s easy to follow what makes me happy. I do the exercises every day and never once had a problem with being stuck on one spot. If you do something regularly for a few weeks, and you don’t have much patience for sticking to it, it’s easy to get to that point. At least that’s my experience.

Play with others

Play with people

If you do it you’ll get a new perspective on the way you practice. When you’re playing together you get to see your technique being applied to the music

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