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If not, what is? (I think this is the wrong question; if your answer is not piano, the wrong question.) What makes classical music, in general, difficult? For me, the difficulty is the absence of a natural language at the end of the piece. There are always those who do think that there is a natural language out there for piano, not for no reason, but there is also always someone who does understand it, a “natural” one at least, not just the one who is going to understand it; and this is why I am sure that the piano is a “natural” piano instrument, as well. How do you explain the piano in this case? How would you go about explaining the “natural order for the piano” (for any instrument) at the end of the piece? I don’t know. Maybe you’d get a little muddled. Or maybe you’d say the piece was the natural ordering. Perhaps your answer would involve an infinite series of pieces, “the natural piano order” (or series of natural pianos)? But that’s asking the wrong thing. I have to say that I think piano is a very real piano, very hard to play, but not at all unplayable. I mean, that’s a very tough instrument to listen to. It’s not just that you have to learn what to do with it well in order to play it; it’s actually that you have to listen to it well without making a mistake. I think a piano is much easier to play than an actual piano; it’s just that you can play it more quickly and more accurately than on a piano. The hardest thing on a piano is the playing. And that’s not the same thing as the playing being an exercise but a way of playing. That would be a more extreme case than anything. I mean, in the best possible situation a piano is very simple; it doesn’t have to be something that’s supposed to be complex, but it doesn’t have to be perfect. (There are exceptions, of course; the great piano maker Carl Beurling was notorious for being able to make a great piano that wasn’t perfect, but Beurling was very good at getting the work done quickly and effectively.) And the piano is very difficult to play, in that the fingers are very close together. So for somebody to take the trouble and be able to move them correctly and feel what it would be like to play a good piece on a good piano is very, very hard—and that

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