What instrument should I choose to learn? – Best Learn How To Play Piano App For Ipad

Here are some of the instruments a beginner could learn, all of which are easy to start with, and not too difficult:

Korean guitar (a little bit of a learning curve, but not too bad!)

Traditional guitar

Italian harp




French horn


Trombone: (This one is a little on the challenging side, but is definitely doable and will open up many music options for future guitar studies.)

What do you think? Any good lessons to share?

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CALGARY — A group of Edmontonians are suing Calgary-area hospitals saying they are being forced by doctors to accept a variety of types of medical tests without adequate consent, even though the tests are medically unnecessary.

The group, including doctors and patients who want to remain anonymous, are suing the Mount Royal University Health Centre in Calgary, the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Edmonton, the College of Family Physicians and the Alberta Health Services Authority.

It’s the fifth such lawsuit made since the court system opened its doors in 1997 under the Family Physicians and Surgeons Act. At least two women have filed complaints in the past decade.

They say the doctors are forcing patients to meet strict requirements in order to get their heart-lung tests and other tests.

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“It’s just not reasonable to me that this test or any test, that patients who are in pain or who are sick or who have terminal illnesses shouldn’t have these tests,” said Cindy Leach. “There should be reasonable requirements that they need to get medical help in order to get the information that they need to be in a position to make decisions of treatment and if they choose to continue their health.”

The doctor accused of having the power to force patients at the hospitals to have testing done is Richard Zuckerman.

He has been on paid leave from his practice, the Royal Alexandra since Dec. 13.

READ MORE: Patients at Edmonton health centre may have to sign consent form before tests

A lawyer for the plaintiffs has said he was only doing what doctors have requested, and has no connection to Zuckerman or the hospital.

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