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For better or worse, painting is an industry. Whether you’re a professional artist, hobbyist, a student trying to get into the business, or someone looking to paint for hobbyistic purposes—we here at the D&D community would like to help you learn how you can enjoy your hobby as much and as safely as possible. With that said, here are a few things we recommend to learn how to do it right the first time:

Be honest about your goals
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Many people ask, “What makes you want to paint?” and are immediately surprised when we tell them that we, like many D&D geeks, have always wanted to make art. We may have different backgrounds, motivations, and opinions, but it shouldn’t surprise you that many of us have experienced painting as the medium that gives us the most joy.

We believe these same reasons apply to your goals for painting. If you’re doing something that you enjoy and enjoy painting it that is important to you, then feel free to use our lists to put yourself in a better position to succeed. If you’re trying to do something for fun or for profit, it is important that you are doing it for a good cause. It is often helpful to think about which goals are more important to you or what causes you would most enjoy participating in if you were doing it for the right reasons. There will be times you need to change your approach (e.g., going to your local game shop) and at other times you don’t.

Be prepared for the inevitable

I hear some people say when asked why they paint, they say they want to be a freelance artist. To which I say, “Ha! I think you’re more likely to be asking why did you eat that piece of cake or why did you do an eight-hour shift last night.” When someone says that they paint for a hobby or for profit, it’s important to think about the expectations and what sort of work needs to be done. For example, if you plan on painting for fun, don’t expect everyone to be pleased with the results. The world would be so much better if every painter was happy with every piece of their art. If you’re doing the exact same level in your hobby, you better expect a different level of painting and maybe even more work afterward.

When you are starting off as a hobbyist, be honest about what you enjoy. A lot of hobbyists talk about wanting to paint because they’re trying something new or because

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