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Its a good introduction to basic drawing. You wont get your feet wet right away, this is a 1 day course. The instructor guides you from drawing ideas to completed drawings, which then goes into a private lesson program, which is 2 or 3 times a week for free. I did it just to get my feet wet before going to grad school. It is good practice in some art techniques. The class lasts for 2-4 hours every Monday. It seems like a good deal for you, but some people said its for the students and not for the instructor. Overall 5 / 5

Art, the art form, of a life…and a death!

My husband was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer almost a year ago & after our first encounter he was given only one option. The doctors told him that while he may live to 90, he might not live to see his 70! It was a tough decision for us. My husband went as far as he could in his medical treatment & had a 3 month old little girl & I took that time for me.

At my youngest daughter’s wedding we gave two drawings to each guest as their last gift – this was at a dinner. The reception was held & there was one attendee left to take them, I went up to him & said I’d give you them. He said, “No, you do & if you don’t, I’ll be a sitting duck.” Then he died the next day!

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The final drawing was given to our granddaughter & had everything I could ever want, all her grandparents & close friends were there & she wanted her pictures with them! We all were crying tears of great joy & she gave all her pictures & wishes to her friends. I felt so bad that I couldn’t share it with them. But I did – I was filled with love & grief at their loss. I’m so grateful to be able to have their pictures with me – & my kids & grandkids.

I am so proud of them – and so thankful for all the loving comments. Thank you, thank you so much, thank you to everybody who participated. We would like a second course just for me as well, but this will not happen.

There have been so many people telling me, even strangers, how glad they are that they went and showed these drawings to the guests. It has touched people so much!!

I know, it’ll be hard to share this after my husband is dead… But I felt like

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