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Check out these videos from our favorite artists to get a brief behind-the-scenes look at our courses.

How do beginners go about starting a course?

We have a great introduction video on how to go about taking our classes online. You’ll see all of the steps outlined below for easy starting:

Start with a list of all the materials we have on hand. There are a variety of materials on hand for many of our courses, such as color palettes and Photoshop tools.

How can beginners take advantage of our Online Art Course?

If you want to take in the art of photography through our Photo Studio classes, there is a subscription service called The Creative School that will give you the digital exposure as you study the art of photography. We also offer a free, one hour Art Studio course that you can start with for free.

We will have a number of other great, affordable digital photo classes which will help you take photos quickly and efficiently. Once you’re really comfortable with Photoshop, we have a collection of video, online, and print classes as well. You’ll be learning while you study – no excuses.

Online Art Course Pricing

For our Photo Studio, one video is $30. For the other classes in the Online Art Series, we offer access to our online Photoshop tools for free. You get access to our Photoshop tools while you take our classes and for one hour for a subscription. See the pricing and availability below:

For our Photography course, we offer access to our digital tools for one hour (free for subscribers) with one paid class. See the pricing below:

You can order the digital photo course and all other Digital Photo courses directly from our site here:

The Creative School

Our courses can be purchased on our site here as well:

How can I make sure I am getting an honest review in my favorite online art store?

We have many of our courses reviewed by our customers, but if you purchase any of the courses from the Creative School, you need to understand how this review work.

Most art schools use professional studios that offer studio visits. We have personally researched and tested all of our classes to make sure each of them will work for you. We’re not just picking classes that you’ll like; we are testing and optimizing each course to make sure you get the best experience when you purchase it.

Our reviews are free, and the first five or so reviews we get

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