How can I be good at sketching? – Simple Pencil Drawings Of Animals

Do you have any tips for what I can use to my advantage? —Emily
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Hey Emily,

I’d definitely recommend trying to draw as many people (especially your mom) you can. If you’re getting into photography, try drawing your friends at a family reunion or a dinner party. If you want to develop the skill for your own art projects, go to Art Center College of Design and see if you can join the art group.

So, what do you think of these tips for a professional sketching? What tips do you have for getting better at this job? Are you a beginner?

When I started writing this blog post, I was really pleased to find that my old friend and colleague, Mr. Chris Kossakos of, had recently shared a recent guest post with us. I was super-pleased that I could include his piece here – and really, I am thrilled that Chris is back in this day and age to share some interesting news.

The story concerns a new restaurant concept that is going in an important, upcoming location downtown Vancouver (as you can see). It has been built in a location that is not just an easy street out of an alley, but a residential street that is not too far from a major road and a major shopping street. The restaurant in question is also not only serving as a great tasting burger, but also features a variety of delicious and unusual dishes. This restaurant is so good, in fact, that it has gained quite a bit of national publicity and media attention! This is an awesome story!

The new restaurant by the name of “The Meatballs” has an impressive team behind it! We don’t know the name of the person behind the restaurant, but we do know that they have the following talent behind the restaurant:

Carmine DiFranco, founder of “The Meatballs” franchise

Michael Rabinowitz, owner of Rabinowitz Restaurant Group (RBIG)

Gideon Weintraub, author, “The Meatballs”

Mike Cucinotta, owner of Cali Grill

Paul Cieplice, owner of Cincinotta Restaurants (Cincinotta Grill / Cincinotta Grill & Oy)

Chris Kossakos, writer, “The Meatballs”

It should be noted that Chris Kossakos and Carmine DiFranco are not friends

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