What do you call a drawing of a person? – How To Shade With Pencil Drawing Techniques Beginner

The sketch?
Hand Drawn Butterfly With Flowers Isolated On White Background ...

The cartoon. It is not the drawn person’s body. The person is the drawing.

That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t draw the person with the head. We should, because that represents the soul. But it is a mistake to think of the person-drawing as the body.

You know that part of yourself. The heart, the life, the intelligence and the imagination of the drawing? You don’t know where it is or what it is.

All artists work out the soul. All artists are drawing out the soul. The soul is what you call it.

As a child, we learn to draw, we learn to speak, we learn to listen to an audience. It is our life. We are the people of this sketch, but we are the characters of the drawings. The drawing is the face, but we are the face of the story. We aren’t the body.

You don’t understand the soul if you don’t know how the body worked in creation. In your mind, the body is the heart, you feel the head, but you don’t know what it is. And the life, the thoughts, the emotion—that is the soul. That is our soul, the story, of the drawings. Those are what we are drawing—the soul.

We must not draw the drawn person. What will you learn? Only to draw the soul. What is it that you really want to learn? A person is just a human being. And if the soul of the person isn’t the soul of what the artist is trying to tell, and if the soul isn’t what the individual is working toward, there is no way to draw the person.

So we must learn the soul. Only the soul can show us what the individual is working toward.

Art works only when the person works toward art. So we must work toward the individual.

And we can learn to create art as we will—through our personal experience, through our family, through our community, through our church.

So if the person in the sketch is not that the person we want to be: we must create that person, not draw the drawn person.

Here we must have our own spiritual practice. We must take out that drawing and we must say, “Look at this!” and then do it with our own hands and our own eyes. Then look at how the person you want to create was created. Look

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