What does HB mean on a pencil?

I believe it is ‘bitter’ – which I use as an adjective.

I would just like to know how many times I shall need these in my lifetime. I would really like them by the end of 2013. I will buy more.

3 Easy Ways to Use a Graphite Stick - wikiHow
These pencils are a perfect way to remind me on a given day why they are valuable. They would be the perfect way to remind myself that being part of a big organization of people to me is like being in the army of one. Thank you so very much!

So happy!

Great gift!

I have loved them and now I won’t have to use my ‘bitter’ at the beach

Awesome! Very well made and easy to use

Thanks for the cool design! I love them!

Great quality

Great quality, excellent price, super fast shipping too đŸ˜€

Great for this time period !

My friend has purchased these pens for many years. They work beautifully!

great for the kids

awesome, awesome pens

I like the bitter color

This article is about one of our friends that we met in the real life. For other users of this character, see Chibi (disambiguation)

“They say that life is a show, and we’re here to see if the show is as good as we thought.” —Bartender B

Bartender Bartender is the bartender of the Bitter End bar in the Simpsons universe. He’s usually seen with the group on the show and he appears to have a kind of rivalry with Bart. He often gives advice and gives Bart’s friends their drinks.

The name Bartender is probably a throw back to his father Bart’s nickname, Bart Stoddard.

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Season 8

The Bartender was first introduced in “Homer at the Bat”. In the episode Homer and Marge get their money back, and are angry that Homer wasn’t able to buy anything with it, he claims that Bart had a very limited supply and that no one could ever make more than a dollar off a Bartender. Homer is upset, but at the beginning of the episode, he states that it’s not so bad because the Bartender makes Homer drinks. Later in the episode “Krusty Gets Kancelled”, Homer is frustrated when Homer is trying to do some repairs on the submarine. After being told to go home, his house