What is an F graphite pencil? – Pencil Drawing Online

F graphite pencils are manufactured from the fine powder of graphite to produce a fine point at about a 10mm diameter, and have a pointed end similar to that of a pen pencil. Their advantage is that the pointed end of the pencil can be used to write on paper. This type of pencil is ideal for drawing and drawing shapes and sizes as well as for general drawing.

Why should I use an F graphite pencil?

An F graphite pencil is the perfect choice to take notes with, write in or draw with.

What if I can’t make one in my size? You can still be assured that your writing instrument will look fantastic and will stand the test of time, being made from graphite. It is important to make note of the gauge and width of the pencil, to ensure that it is the right size for you to use.

What happens to my pencil if it breaks?

Jesus Christ drawing by EtaniaVII on DeviantArt
You buy the pencil and it will have the same length as it arrived in the box. If you do suffer from a damaged or broken pencil, we will have to return it so that we can replace it, or offer a replacement for you. It is impossible for us to accept any responsibility for any broken pencils which are returned to us. Do not be alarmed by this, as we do not keep the pencils in our store and do not charge you for sending a damaged pencil back to us either! It is also good to keep in mind that there will be a return charge to you, which the price of a replacement pencil will be no less than the original pencil.

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