What makes a drawing a drawing? – Pencil Drawings Of Lion Cubs

“There is no question that ‘drawing’ is the universal term,” said Ritter, “although the term ‘draw’ is used in different ways to describe different things.”

The fact that a drawing can be something other than a solid object should no longer be a challenge. Even though a computer can create a picture instantly, Ritter said it is very difficult to do so accurately. “It used to be that you took your camera along and you took your drawing from top to bottom, from left to right,” he said.

When you hold a drawing in your mind, even if it’s just a rough sketch, it becomes tangible, Ritter said, so drawings that were created on pencil on paper can hold life’s more meaningful moments.

“If you create something that is part of your memory, it can have a life of its own,” he said. Drawing, for the artist, is a way to experience a piece of art.

“I just wish the [artist] would have done it on pen,” Ritter said.”I would have liked to have seen an actual drawing of some of the artists I used to see every day.”

The next challenge is to figure out how to make a picture that looks accurate enough to be perceived as a drawing. “I think that’s going to be tricky,” Ritter said.

“What I think it means is that in 10,000 years when you look at this, people will not recognize a drawing of the man,” he said, referring to the fact that in the 17th century, it was a common practice of artisans to paint each other’s portraits.

“At this point, it’s a question of making art that seems natural to both the medium and the viewer,” he said.

Although he is concerned about people not recognizing, he noted that when it comes to understanding how a painting looks digitally, it is important to realize that people are simply not capable of accurately judging a photograph.

“I’d like to see the human race getting better at recognizing drawings, or pictures, by using computers to make things that are real,” he said.

“If we could take these little computer drawings, turn them into a piece of art, that would be very, very interesting.”

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