Is selling dog food profitable?

Do you still believe that dog food is not profitable?

The truth is that there are no financial benefits to eating dog food, even when compared to other healthy foods you may eat such as chicken or fish.

Dog food is made from meat scraps that do not come from animals that are fed the same way that dogs are fed. It is also loaded with preservatives, antibiotics, hormones and so-called “pink slime” which causes a lot of problems in dogs that eat raw, meaty food.

If your dog is on a diet of dry food or canned dog food, chances are he or she would not be a healthy dog if he or she ate raw-fed dog food.

You should take time to learn the difference between dry dog food and canned dog food, read up on how dog food works and learn how to choose dog food that meets your dog’s nutritional needs.

It does not hurt to compare dog foods to your own favorite foods as a comparison tool.

Is dog food safe to eat?

You should not feed your dog any dog food you do not use and keep your dog away from any meat scraps unless it is labeled “vegetarian”.

However, dogs that are on a vegan diet cannot become food intolerant as the only animal fat in it is coconut oil as well as protein. The meaty pieces are a protein source which is not found in any dog food.

Do you still believe that dog food is not profitable?

Dog food is a business and if you are not sure about the finances behind dog food, you will probably never consider investing in it, even if you are a dog owner and you have all kinds of health plans in place.

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How Can You Help?

Don’t forget to support what you eat when you can. Every dollar you spend on dog food, from a pet store or online, is a dollar you don’t spend on anything else.

There are companies that sell all kinds of fun and interesting dog food products, but they are usually very expensive to get the right dog food. They are usually made from “veggie” ingredients which are no longer found in dog food. If you have a dog that needs raw food, you have to purchase animal derived products.

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