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It seems like a pretty easy call, but it can be difficult to figure out if you are shooting a dog because you found their puppy or if you find them on private property. Here are some facts you could use to determine the difference between a “normal” pet and a puppy being shot.

Why Would You Shoot A Pup?

Do you have a problem with your animal?

How long have you been working with the animal? (How old did he or she live? How many siblings? Will he/she need medical assistance?)

Are they a pet for someone? (You work there and this person often brings along their dog as a service animal.)

Does this family have the required registration with the SPCA of the area where it is located?

Do you know that they might be a danger to you, your family or other pet residents?

Is the family trying to sell the animal to raise money for medical expenses?

If so, then you may need to do more harm than good to save them. But if you have a very good reason to need the animal, then it may be much easier to just let it go (unless they are a danger to you, family or other pet neighbors.)

Why Do They Shoot Their Pet?

Do You Have a Problem with Your Animal?

If you think that you might have an animal problem or are looking for help, call the SPCA immediately. Some dogs are more friendly than others, and some dogs are not good fits for the owner that is looking to keep the dog. Some dogs will be hard to train, while others will have very good behavioral skills. The more you learn about your dog, the better chance you have of getting the best outcome for your situation when dealing with dog-owning families.

Is This Family a Problem?

Sometimes, we need to shoot our dogs to save our own. But sometimes in the end, we need to do it in a humane way. Most times we are more likely to save a puppy than a dog, but some situations are so complicated or they are so stressful that we would need to take that risk. If you have found a puppy and are having trouble convincing your family or dog group to take him or her out for a walk, you might consider putting him down. If you are still unsure about the relationship between yourself and a puppy, you are more likely to make a bad decision if you take him out to

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