Is walking more than 4 dogs illegal?


You can now legally walk dogs in San Diego as of 9/15/2013

There is a specific ban on the petting and grooming of dogs in San Diego, in accordance with the “San Diego Master Plan for the Protection and Rehabilitation of Animals in the City, County and State of San Diego”

There are restrictions on walking with a dog (please note that this applies to both pet owners and leash walkers!)

There is a ban on dogs and puppies.

This is a very controversial subject due to its illegality, and it can be hard to enforce. It’s true that you can walk a dog anywhere and do whatever you want, but you will face severe penalties if caught.

Most people who have a problem with their dogs are usually in San Diego to live in the city, or because they are dog walkers and want to take their canine companions out for a day. They are the majority of the people caught violating these regulations.

For those of you that live in the areas that have similar restrictions, you will need to have a very good reason to leave your dog behind on the streets, at the park, or simply walk your dog with others. You may have a legitimate concern over the dog’s safety, and you may be a responsible person to the point that you will willingly accept that a dog may be left on the streets, even in the daytime, if it makes the dog more safe in the long run.

You should be asking yourself if that are the kinds of reasons you need to be looking at walking with a dog!

We also do not allow you to walk with more than 3 dogs of any shape and size unless there is a specific reason beyond “I want 4 puppies” for a particular area. You may use your dog as the anchor to walk with 3 other dogs at a time, provided they are all properly licensed and registered and do not cause an immediate dog attack.

The City of San Diego is very clear in that you cannot walk with more than one dog at a time if the following conditions are met:

* This must be done by licensed and registered dogs

* They need to be supervised while walking, if a dog collared or confined to a leash and you can’t get away from a dog that’s holding on and you aren’t able to free the collar or leash if it bites, the dog needs to be taken off the leash immediately

* You must