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If I have a charge from a dog walker, but no credit card charge, are I still supposed to keep the dog walking fee?
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You should keep ALL your dog walker charges for as long as they work with you on keeping your dog healthy and happy, unless the dog walker says you can have your dog while leaving the charge.

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There are lots of ways to go about the job of being a musician and there’s no one “right” way. My advice for any musician out there is to choose your projects carefully, don’t ever become discouraged and, when in doubt, get out and do it (whatever the circumstances!).

What are your favorite projects and where can I listen?

I’m always on the lookout for new places to listen to music. If you can tell me at what times I can find something new, I’ll gladly recommend it to you. In fact, I’m currently doing just that and there’ll be an entry to that soon. I have two new ones on the way — one to follow, and one for personal use — so keep your eyes on those.

A few years back, we had a conversation over a drink in the bar with a musician — not a musician at all but a man who’s just started performing regularly in concert halls/shops/etc. After the chat, he asked if we’d ever thought to do a full-length LP, which I

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