Why do dog trainers hate retractable leashes?

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Do you want the truth or are you trying to sound knowledgeable?

Why do dog owners fear retractable leashes?

How do those little metal clips on dog leashes cause dog owners so much pain?

Why is the retractable leash the best dog leash for their particular dog?

I want to learn more about retractable leashes.

I want to use the dog leash to catch my baby!

I want to have some friends over for dinner!

I want my dog to walk on his own leash!

I’ve had to buy a new leash every time I bought a new leash!

How can I be sure my dog or child won’t bite my leash?

I don’t need to worry about my dog walking on his own leash!

My dog won’t bite me when I walk in my apartment! How should I know?

I’m on a long road trip! Can I leave my dog on the leash during the whole trip?

I want to make my dog walk around on his own for a certain period of time. Can I do that using the leash?

I want my dog to have the option to walk on his own leash. Can I do that with my dog?

I am afraid of retractable leashes. Should I use a special leash for my dog?

I want to use a retractable leash for my dogs. What should I know?

I love my dog, but he’ll bite my leash!! How do I know if I am doing the right thing?

I am a dog trainer and I want to know more about retractable leashes! Do I know how to change my dog’s leash?

I was trained to use a retractable leash, but now I am asking to change my dog’s leash. My dog still gets really upset when he goes anywhere. Should I wait a few days and try again?

What are retractable leashes?

Reinforced elastic leash

What are retractable leashes and why are they difficult for dog owners to understand and use?

Reinforced elastic leashes require you to tie a knot. It is difficult to tie, and it is easy to slip out of.

The best dog leashes can fit your pet safely and securely, but they are usually difficult to handle. They are expensive, and they have very little ability