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It’s possible. Flickr has been a key source of revenue for the platform, but now it is facing a legal challenge from private citizen Ryan Kalupoala, who alleges that the company owned the copyright to his photos of people on camera. Kalupoala also claims that he received a letter from Flickr saying that he owed the company a licensing fee of $8,000, but didn’t know that the photo was his and that his photo had been taken by others. The $8,000 fee was later lowered to $2,500.

“If you take a selfie by any sort of camera (including the new-fangled DSLR-type camera) and put it on my account without his permission, I would be taking that photo from his property and using it without permission. It was his property the whole time,” Kalupoala was quoted as saying in a Facebook post by a man named Jim Davis, the owner of the site I Am Jim Davis , who was also the subject of a viral post by an Australian photographer named “Fisherman.”

The case has already attracted a lot of attention around the world as it’s seen as the first time the issue of photographers’ ownership rights has been explored as an issue in a court case. However, Flickr maintains that Kalupoala’s claims are completely unfounded and in order to find the real owner, you could look up his contact info.

An estimated 2,000 people marched in the eastern Ukrainian city of Slaviansk on Monday against a new law that bans LGBTI people from openly participating in the military.

The protesters held up banners calling for the repeal of the law, saying that it was a homophobic measure to “protect” the interests of big business.

They also demanded that the new law be scrapped and that people in all walks of life be allowed to live freely in Ukraine according to their personal morality.

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The demonstrators also called on the government to scrap the draft law, also due to be debated by Ukraine’s parliament this month.

They said that the law will violate the constitution and the rule of law.

The new law is a big step in the right direction for LGBTI rights in the country.

A previous law signed by President Petro Poroshenko this spring banned gay propaganda and same-sex marriages were banned for the first time in Ukraine.

However, the new law gives all military personnel and military dependents the right to marry, or to get married within the country or abroad

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