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If you’re an established photo studio, then you will charge based on photo editing time rather than fees per image. This means you can’t charge a person per photo.

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If you are starting a new freelance business, it is still recommended that you charge for editing time if you can cover your client’s expenses. However, this practice does not apply to any freelancer who is new to editing and working with professional photographers.

Is it better to hire a freelance photographer or a professional photo studio?

If you are already a freelancer, then it is much easier to work with a professional photographer. They will know the processes you are going to use in the long run, and have many professional photographers who will be able to help with your projects and even recommend good photographers you can consider for your own work.

However, if you want a more creative and professional business process and you don’t want to work with a small number of photographers, it is recommended to start your own business and pay your own way.

Do I need to be licensed with the appropriate regulatory body for the job?

This depends of which states your project is located in. If you’re freelancing through your online business, then you will require proper licensing.

For example, if you are working with a wedding photographer or a wedding reception photographer, then you will need to register with the state where the event is located. This will take a little longer depending of the type of project, but it is well worth it.

For example, if you want to work on celebrity portraits for your website, then you will need to register with the State of California.

Are my photos on my client’s website going to look better than I would like them to?

When working for a client, you will work much longer hours and use a lot of stock images. This is normal as a freelance photographer.

In many cases, your work will look similar enough to look professional to any professional photo studio that you will be working with. As a result, a professional photo studio will be able to match your quality standards more than they would with a small freelance photographer.

If you would like to improve your work with a small freelance photographer, then check out my tutorial on how to get the most out of clients online.

What I did wrong: I spent less time with each client than I should have

Do you think you could have handled each project differently?

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