Where can I sell my photos online for free? – Do Music Videos Make Money On Youtube

You can sell your photo albums and videos online, directly to your users. They can read the album and movie contents and download them from the website that you have provided. In addition, the content can be freely used in a multitude of ways, from posting on social networks for instance, or from being used in product and advertising campaigns. In order to sell your photo albums online, you must contact us before posting them on the internet. You can send us an email by using this website’s search box:

If you have any comments or suggestions concerning photos, you can use the same link to send us an email.

How can I sell my personal photos, videos or apps?

You can sell your personal photos, videos or apps by uploading them either to an album from your online website or via an online marketplace (such as eBay, Amazon, Google Play, Facebook or any other similar online marketplace) for sale. To submit a request, it is necessary to:

Upload the contents of an album

Write a detailed description

Upload the album as an album (and provide the URL of the album)

Pay the market price for the albums you plan to sell and contact us about it

How do I purchase music from the internet

For a price, purchase music and albums from internet music sellers such as Spotify, Google Play, Apple Music or iHeartRadio. They should be aware that the songs are free to listen, however if the songs are copyrighted they will be held liable. We have some examples of these online music services:





You can also contact us using this website’s search box:

What is a “free digital item”?

A free digital item is an audio file, video or other content delivered to the internet which is legally available, or which is not subject to copyright protection and which is not in contravention of a user agreement that the consumer has entered into with their Internet service provider. However the copyright holder may apply for a license for the user-given content. You can find more about copyright licenses in Section 7.1 of our terms and conditions.

What is a “copyright infringement” and what is the remedy?

In order to make a complaint and obtain a court order

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