Who owns Getty Images? – How To Upload Videos And Earn Money On Youtube

Image caption Getty is being run out of the headquarters in nearby Midtown Manhattan, and has now shifted its corporate headquarters to Singapore so it can keep its jobs in the USA

While the US media watchdog said that the move was due partly to the global financial crisis, it also said it was to do with how Getty’s headquarters would be located by the time of its move. Its staff will be in Singapore from June to September.

In addition, Reuters said that Getty would take on a third office building, but it has not shared the number of staff that may be relocated.

In December, Getty executives said that they plan on remaining in America to keep their jobs, while they were in Singapore to make the business case for the site.

But the company’s chief executive, David Hockney, is expected to leave the company in the coming months, a move that his advisers say is linked to his plans to leave his role.

The move comes just as the US President Donald Trump prepares to declare that he has approved a new $12bn (£8bn) US infrastructure project – and while his plans may be controversial, Reuters reports that Mr Trump’s advisers are keen on the idea of a company of its size in the US.

The decision to move Getty’s staff will not affect the company’s operations in the US. A spokesman for Getty said that as of now it had not made a decision about its future in the states.

Getty Images’s chief executive has said that he hopes to stay in the US for at least the next four years, but it has not been confirmed whether he will replace David Hockney as Getty’s chief executive.

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