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Can you walk along without being hit by a car?

So many of you have said you’ve been in a terrible accident, have been severely injured, and don’t want to know what kind of damage the car can do. Are those really the issues you are talking about? I think most people do think about the fact that if we were to put a car in any place that was not a car park, there would be damage. But would you worry about getting hurt in a car park if that wasn’t exactly the same thing as driving in the rain?
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When you look at the accident statistics, you will see that the odds of getting into an accident in any given week are much higher in car parks than in residential streets. We shouldn’t really be worried about traffic accidents in a car park. There are other reasons why these risks are lower and fewer people are injured in traffic accidents in some car park than in other places.

We know that the odds of getting into an accident in a car park are much higher in places where there are fewer other people driving. So the car park may be more secure. It may be quieter. It may look nicer. Or there could be more pedestrian crossings.

The car park may not look like a regular car park so some people may not think there is a difference between a car park and an ordinary residential area. They may think, “It’s all askew. If I don’t want to be in a car park, I can walk there.”

But even if you think that pedestrian traffic is a more dangerous thing than car traffic, you mustn’t be so quick to assume that people in car parks are the same as people walking in parks or on footpaths.

So let’s look further at the accident statistics. What is it that makes the car park, or an ordinary street, or any other place a more or less serious environment for driving than in a residential street or residential street? Let me give you a specific example.

In some areas of London, there is a great deal of activity going on around the clock. In a residential street in these areas, it doesn’t take longer than 5 minutes to get from one place to another. But it takes a very long time to get from any point on the street to the next. There are car parks in these places. A lot of pedestrians walk along the side of the road. There are car parks along the side of the road. So people walking up the front of

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