How do you spin a girl while dancing? – Pole Dance Classes New Orleans

You do your best to move her so she feels good. Don’t be afraid to ask for permission. If you are shy, start it. You have to be. If you do not want to dance with your girlfriend, don’t wait until you know how to spin her. Ask when you are ready. I do not know how to do spin dances, but when I am not dancing, I always spin my girlfriend’s legs. (The two of us are getting more comfortable, and her legs are trembling a bit.) Now, you are almost ready to do a spin dance with your girl, don’t be afraid to ask if she wants to join in. Just do it when you feel ready. Tell her she is so pretty dancing with you. Take that hand off her hips and give her a kiss. (You both know this is a kiss for a dance, but do so anyways.) And then, give her your other hand and take the other one away. Take her hand and pull her against you to dance. Now, pull her off you as you go through the spin dance, so she can turn around to see what’s going on. Take the other hand from you, and pull her toward you while you do the spin. She can turn around a lot because she is so turned on by the motion you are doing, but do it so she can’t see that you are pulling her and turn on her. In addition to a full spin dance, I will be showing you some other moves that I do on occasions with my girlfriend, and you can try them out too, for just a little bit of fun!

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